Character Creation

Characters will start at level 2, as humans.

Base Stats
  • There will be a standard array of 16,14,13,12,11,10
    -Every four levels two ability scores will increase by 1.
  • Assume maximum dice roll for hit points is achieved for 2nd level.
  • Level 1-10 Only basic classes.
  • Level 1-10 Maximum of two classes.
  • Level 11-20 Maximum of four classes.
  • Level 21-30 Maximum of eight classes.

At level 10 powers will be gained, they will be chosen at the start of the game however. Here are the powers and the associated stat that goes with it.

  • Fire- CHA
  • Ice- INT
  • Lightning- INT
  • Hard Skin- CON
  • Teleportation- DEX
  • Telekinesis- INT
  • Telepathy- CHA
  • Healing- WIS
  • Super Strength-STR
  • Time Control- DEX
  • Elementalist- CON
  • Premeditation- WIS
  • Shifting- DEX


The Wealth Bonus system provided on the SRD is going to be scrapped completely.

Money will be kept in the USD and will be monitored as such, the use of change is still up for discussion.

  • While cash can be stolen it is easily used to purchase any item as almost all NPCs will accept cash at shops or as bribes.
  • Cash will be kept on the character in a wallet that does not fill a slot on the backpack, additional wallets however will fill the backpack slots.
    - To take a wallet without notice the thief must make a slight of hand check that beats the characters (sense motive/survival)+10. The target of the theft is not allowed a roll and is provided a 10 because of their in ability to spend time using the skill, this counts as a passive check.
Debit Card
  • While a debit card cannot be stolen, although it is more difficult to use the money in the account.
  • Money on the debit card can be turned into cash at any ATM (no fee!) or an affiliated bank.
    -Cash can only be placed on the account at affiliated banks.
  • Very high level characters and agencies may be able to track the use of debit cards. (still up for discussion)
Looting Money
  • Money looted can be either looted as cash or debit.
  • Money looted is evenly split among party members in the party at the time of the looting.
Mundane Purchases
  • Up for discussion whether or not mundane purchases will be kept track of.

Passive Checks

Passive checks will be fairly low compared to checks made while concentrating simply because they are not concentrating on using the skill. Characters wouldn’t be able to notice a pin drop while passively listening however they would most likely hear a gunshot if it was down the hallway.

Normal conditions apply to reduce the chance of an ability to be sensed such as background noise, smoke, ect.

  • Players will have a passive perception in order to notice small things that would not require individual checks to listen and spot something out of the ordinary.
  • The check will be 5+((spot+listen)/3)
  • Players will have a passive ability to detect if another character isn’t being entirely honest or trustworthy.
  • The check will be 5+sense motive
Created Items
  • Items such as forged I.D.s, forged paperwork, explosives, lasting disguises, ect.
  • Character has the option to roll or take 10 on prepared items, these items do not change their crafted level once constructed. Nat 1’s and nat 20’s count as 1 or 20 on long term items and are not critical miss or hit.
    -re-rolls may only take place after a character takes one minute studying the item, and has the time to construct a replacement. Only one re-roll may occur per attempt at crafting item.
    -If another character attempts to help and their skill is equal or higher than the rolled score they may roll a d8 to add to the crafted level of the item.

Equipment Storage

Each player is issued a Tactical Backpack and a footlocker.

Tactical Backpack
  • The backpack in no way restricts movement or increases size of character and for all rules
    governing size and movement the backpack does not physically exist and all items in the
    backpack weigh 0 pounds. The appearance of the backpack is similar to a sleek molding kevlar
    no more than one inch thick and a width slightly smaller than the characters back, it is
    easily hidden beneath armor and clothing
  • The backpack has five different sections and governs all the items a character may carry.
    Therefore if the backpack is removed the character may only carry items in their hands
    (clothing pockets are considered part of the backpack, exceptions may apply).
    Section One: Main Pouch
  • This section can contain any item tiny/small/medium/large size.
  • There are 12 slots for this section of the backpack.
  • Removing an item from this section requires a standard action.
    Section Two: Small Pouch
  • This section can contain any item tiny/small size.
  • There are 6 slots for this section of the backpack.
  • Removing an item from this section requires a standard action
    Section Three: Holster
  • Weapons of any size may be used in the properly classified weapon slot.
  • Un-holstering/removing a weapon from its holster position is a move action. With the feat Quick Draw this is reduced to a free action.
  • There is one pistol/rifle holsters attached to this backpack.
  • There is one melee holster attached to this backpack.
  • There is one pistol/rifle/melee/misc holster attached to this backpack.
    -At level 9 another holster identical to this one is available.
  • There is one tiny/small concealed weapon holster attached to this backpack.
    Section Four: Special Ammo
  • Generic ammo is considered unlimited for ease of play and not needed to be recorded. However remaining rounds in a magazine is important and must be recorded for reloading purposes.
  • Special ammo is considered limited and must be recorded. Remaining special rounds in a magazine must also be recorded.
  • Special ammo may be mixed in an individual magazine however it may only be fired in the order it is loaded so if you decide to mix special ammo in the magazine record the order at which the rounds will be fired.
    -A magazine mixed this way requires a full minute of preparation per 15 rounds of mixed ammo.
  • Record special ammo amounts underneath the weapon associated in the ammo section.
    Section Five: Pockets
  • For system ease clothing pockets are included in the backpack.
    -Special rules may apply in certain situations.
  • There are 6 slots for this section of the backpack.
  • This section can contain tiny/small items.
  • Removing items from this section requires a move action.
  • The footlocker is used by the character to store items they cannot, or do not want to carry on them at the time.
  • The footlocker has 15 slots.
  • Removing items from the footlocker requires two standard actions.
  • The footlocker is locked and stored in a generally safe location.
  • In the event that the character must leave an area prior to returning to their footlocker they do not lose the footlocker and it is transported to a new safe location once one is available.
  • While it is in a ‘safe’ location the locker can be attempted to be picked and the contents inside removed by a potential thief or investigator.
    -The disable device check required to break into a characters locker is 10+1/2 character lvl + repair or disable device. (A 13th level character with 10 into repair and 4 into disable device has a locker check of 26)
    -footlockers may be booby-trapped and rigged to trigger an event when picked unless another disable device check is made. Booby-trapped footlockers do not harm items inside the locker if triggered. The difficulty for the disable device check on the booby-trap is 10+the skill used to create the trap.
    -footlockers are impossible to open forcefully by conventional explosives and contents inside are not harmed by explosives.

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