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The Rise of Shinra

This campaign begins in the year 2017 near the town of Jackson, Ohio. The group is an elite task force that was selected by the president of the Shinra Corporation, Rufus Shinra, himself. The task force was code named FAR and intended to respond to security concerns quickly, decisively, and with as little press as possible. FAR has just completed their training and is gearing up and preparing for crisis situations. As the leading military and scientific research company in the world it shouldn’t be long until FAR is called upon.

On October 27th a rogue group know as AVALANCHE attacked a Shinra facility stealing a valuable prototype. They fled to their small compound and prepared for an evacuation and transportation of the prototype. The FAR team was tasked with the challenge of entering the compound silently and eliminating the AVALANCHE forces before they could activate or evacuate the prototype. The team was unable to maintain silence, AVALANCHE was alerted and the prototype escaped. After an encounter with Marcus, the leader of the AVALANCHE facility the team witnessed a woman dressed in black robes destroy an approaching helicopter, and a portion of the outside facility. Afterwards a man appeared behind her shot her and disappeared with her.

Shinra determined that the mission was a failure and trained the FAR team for another six months enacting certain probations until they were ready to achieve results properly. At the end of their training they were tasked with one final training exercise, infiltrate a Shinra compound to test the security forces there in case of a AVALANCHE attack. The team progressed through the compound slowly eliminating forces and working their way further into the compound. After successfully gaining entrance to the secure level of the compound a large number of heavily armed Shinra special forces agents appeared and prepared to arrest them. Unknown to the group the agents holding them at gun point were armed with live ammo not the training rounds used throughout the rest of the operation. A woman with a sword and gun appeared and helped the group eliminate the threat. The woman was identified as Evelynn Jones AKA Eve. Eve told the group they needed to get to a bar called Seventh Heaven in downtown Philadelphia, and she would fill them in there. As she disappeared the man they saw eliminate the woman on the helipad appeared at the end of the all. He called himself Grant Irving, AKA Grant. After a short fight Grant proved himself the superior and prepared to destroy the group, Eve appeared and distracted Grant giving the group time to escape.

After a long drive the group arrived in Philadelphia and then the Seventh Heaven night club. There they were identified as members of the terrorist group AVALANCHE by police after a scuffle, the group fled in a stolen police car. During the chase Grant appeared in a black camero and disabled the groups car. Prior to him defeating the group the police arrived and arrested the group, Eve never arrived.

During the interrogations, it was revealed that Shinra listed the FAR team as AVALANCHE operatives using footage of the training mission as proof. With the team now branded at terrorists they were being held until federal agents arrived to question and apprehend them. When the agent finally arrived it proved to be Eve disguised as an agent, who helped the team escape from the police station. There she told the group to meet her at a motel outside of New York that would allow them a place to lay low.

The group arrived at the motel and was able to secure a room despite a robbery going on in the lobby area. Eve arrived after distracting the authorities into traveling to Washington D.C. There she gave the group money to purchase a new car that couldn’t be traced and told them that she was planning to secure a mobile command center they could use without fear of being discovered, a Yacht. Eve promptly disappeared yet again to get in contact with a man she knew from her past that could help them.

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